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Becoming a Landlord with JMHA


Becoming a Landlord with JMHA


Thinking of becoming a landlord with JMHA?


Contact JMHA on 0333 456 4737.


Property assessment


JMHA will set up an appointment at the property for a free assessment. During this assessment, JMHA will endeavour to answer any queries. JMHA will guide you through our property prerequisites, and determine if there is any work required at the property. JMHA will notify you of the expected rental figure in the course of its lease.


Offer letter


Following the property visit, JMHA will write to you making an official offer and detailing the work required at the property prior to letting the property.


Preparing to let the property


Any repair specified within the offer letter must be carried out and paperwork provided as proof of this work (Refer to the landlord checklist.) before proceeding with the letting.


Final property inspection


A final assessment will take place as soon as all the required work is completed.


Contract signing


Upon passing the final evaluation and receiving all the necessary documentation, JMHA will send the contract to you detailing all the letting information, which will need to be signed and returned to us.


Collecting the keys


Once the final inspection has taken place, JMHA will organise to meet you at the property to receive the keys. JMHA will require three sets of keys to all exterior doors and a set of keys for all window locks. JMHA recommends keeping a spare set of window keys for your safekeeping.


Finding an ideal tenant


JMHA will notify the local authority that the property is ready-to-let and commence viewings on your property immediately. JMHA will notify you as soon as a suitable tenant is found.


Paying rent to the landlord


A lease should be signed and will begin on the date the tenancy begins. It is also from this date that JMHA will start your guaranteed monthly rental payments. JMHA pays all monthly rental payments in advance. When the lease is due to end, JMHA will change your payments to monthly in arrears.


Managing your property


JMHA's property management service ensures we will check out your property on a regular basis. Regular inspection is carried out to ensure that the property is well kept and well-maintained.


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