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Long Term Lease Periods


Long Term Lease Periods | 3, 5, 7 or 10 Years


JMHA is a provider of housing options to local authorities throughout the UK. We are always looking to procure more properties for our clients.


This scheme provides long-term FULLY guaranteed rent, reducing your cost of voids and unpaid rent to zero.


Main Tenancy Terms


  1. A one to five-year contract with an option to extend to seven or even ten years.
  3. Rent paid throughout the whole term, irrespective of whether the property is occupied.
  5. All occupant damages repaired by the tenant company both during and at the end of the term (fair wear and tear excepted).
  7. All utilities and council tax covered by the tenant client.
  9. Houses are let to establish family units.

Suitable houses

  • Any type of house, including apartments and some smaller HMOs.
  • 2, 3 and 4-bedroom properties
  • Within three miles of main town centre post office

    Property Condition Requirements

  • Must meet Local Authority Decent Homes Standards (e.g., fit for human inhabitation, free from defects and damp)
  • Have mains integrated heat/smoke detectors
  • Gas Safe Certificate
  • Electrical Safety Certificate

    Properties Required


    Properties will be required throughout England. Up to fifty properties are needed in 'high demand' towns.


    Rental Income


    Rent is fixed from commencement for each town dependant on the number of beds, and level of demand in each area. We will provide you with a written rental appraisal of your property upon inspection, contact us with details of your property(s).


    Management costs and payment


    You will be charged 10% of rental income throughout the term of the tenancy. Rent will be paid by the client two months in arrears. There are no other charges for setting up the tenancy, or inspections.


    Applying for the Rental Plan


    You are invited to submit your property details on the following basis:

    1. Please provide us with details of your property(s) which must currently be vacant or becoming free within the next thirty days.
    3. We'll confirm whether the property is suitable following initial internal checks within five working days.
    5. If acceptable, we'll arrange for an inspection with you and our service partner to confirm the current condition and any works required to be carried out by you prior to letting.
    7. Once approved, we'll sort out all the paperwork and set up the tenancy.

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