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Private Sector Leasing

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JMHA's Private Sector Leasing model benefits local authorities by supplying self-contained properties procured from the private rented sector to meet the authority's statutory duty by providing suitable temporary accommodation to homeless households. Properties are leased by JMHA from private landlords and other property owners for periods of between 1, 3, 5 or even 7 years. These homes are then sublet by JMHA to people who are homeless.


For local landlords and local authorities, the many benefits of JMHA PSL model include:

  • Meeting statutory requirements to house homeless households.
  • Avoiding the overreliance on permanent stock for temporary accommodation.
  • Avoiding expensive alternatives, such as bed and breakfast.
  • Provide landlords with no voids and arrears on their properties.
  • Indemnifying landlords against property damage (subject to agreed-upon limits).
  • Client-led property procurement, with proven track record of procuring suitable properties ahead of target.
  • Full professional tenancy and property management service.
  • All landlord communications and liaison, from procurement stage through to hand-back.



    Leased properties can now be used for homelessness prevention accommodation. This allows for the provision of quality private sector homes to this client group before a homelessness duty exists. We can design a service that is virtually cost neutral to local authorities by taking on the majority of the void, arrears and damage risks.


    Benefits to councils:

  • Reduction in the use of temporary accommodation
  • Cost saving.
  • Risk transfer.
  • Access to increased range of properties.
  • Help meeting England 2010 homelessness targets.

    Benefits to tenants:

  • Choice of quality accommodation.
  • Build-up of PRS tenancy reference.
  • Professional housing management service
  • Full HB eligibility
  • Proactive assistance before housing crisis develops.

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  • JMHA Jade Housing Options, Wolverhampton

    High quality homes, good service, very reliable and good value for money. We have used JMHA in our pilot scheme to house homeless families. Their service is highly commendable!

  • JMHA Nicola Housing Regenenation, Rochdale

    A breath of fresh air, a housing association that thinks outside the box! We are currently working with JMHA in implementing our regeneration schemes with landlords whose properties has been left empty.

  • JMHA Dave Thomas, Landlord

    I have been approached by another Housing Association who has offered me to refurbish and lease my fire damaged property, then JMHA came along and has provided me with a more competitive refurbishing package and more comprehensive leasing scheme. They are definitely more value for your money.

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JMHA leads the way in addressing all our clients' housing needs. Here are some of the reasons why our clients chose to work with us:

  • Registered and Regulated by the Homes & Communities Agency
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  • Complete Service for all your property needs
  • Value for Money, Cost effective and Transparent