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Temporary Housing


JMHA continues to work with various local authorities and housing associations to provide temporary accommodations for families and individuals who, through no fault of their own, have been made homeless.


Following the recommendations in recent Government reviews of the private rented sector in both England and Scotland, JMHA have set up & work with local letting agencies in various towns and cities across the UK. This has been developed using our extensive experience of both the social and private housing markets gained over the last 20 years.


Our service operates as a traditional lettings agency that facilitates access to the private rented sector to clients who otherwise may be excluded from obtaining a private tenancy. The lack of a tenancy deposit, reference or being on DWP benefits restricts access to many people who would otherwise be able to sustain a private tenancy. Failure to access a tenancy often results in a homeless presentation to the local authority. This model works by offering landlords guaranteed rents & an option to have rents paid in 6 monthly instalments which helps bring them together with suitable tenants backed up by the benefits of a professional tenancy and property management service.


Homelessness prevention

Many councils provide free advice and assistance to people who have housing enquiries—especially anyone affected by homelessness and those who are worried they might lose their home.


Their aim is to advise you on your options so that, ideally, you can find the most appropriate housing option to address your need and to prevent homelessness. Councils do this by offering you advice on a range of subjects linked to your circumstances.


Please don't leave it until it's too late! It is important that you contact the local council as soon as possible if you have a problem and are worried you may lose your home. The earlier you contact the council, the better chance they have of helping you.


Councils will seek to:

  • Support you in finding solutions to your housing concerns
  • Assist you to resolve your housing enquiries by exploring a range of housing options.
  • Give free, impartial, and confidential advice to people who are homeless or threatened with homelessness.
  • Try to assist people to stay in your own home or find alternative accommodation.
  • Carry out our legal duties under the Homelessness and Housing Acts.
  • Help homeowners gain support from a range of services through the Supporting People Referral Hub.

    Their service can give you information, carry out case work, advocate on your behalf and direct you to other relevant services. JMHA provides advice on a range of areas including:

  • Tenancy rights and responsibilities in both social and private housing.
  • Illegal eviction information.
  • Dealing with rent and mortgage arrears and other debt.
  • Welfare benefits and housing benefits.
  • Family mediation and relationship breakdown.
  • Domestic violence and abuse.
  • Homeless legislation.
  • Assistance with rent deposits.
  • Renting from and information on the private sector.
  • Home choice and social renting.
  • Court proceedings and representation.
  • Rights and responsibilities in owner occupied accommodation.
  • Supported Accommodation and support at home.

If you have no accommodation or your accommodation is not safe, they will see you the same day.


Referral Hub


The Referral Hub helps people of all ages and those with mental or physical challenges access services to assist them to live independently in either supported accommodation or in their own home. Contact your local council for further information.

  • JMHA Jade Housing Options, Wolverhampton

    High quality homes, good service, very reliable and good value for money. We have used JMHA in our pilot scheme to house homeless families. Their service is highly commendable!

  • JMHA Nicola Housing Regenenation, Rochdale

    A breath of fresh air, a housing association that thinks outside the box! We are currently working with JMHA in implementing our regeneration schemes with landlords whose properties has been left empty.

  • JMHA Dave Thomas, Landlord

    I have been approached by another Housing Association who has offered me to refurbish and lease my fire damaged property, then JMHA came along and has provided me with a more competitive refurbishing package and more comprehensive leasing scheme. They are definitely more value for your money.

Why choose JMHA?

JMHA leads the way in addressing all our clients' housing needs. Here are some of the reasons why our clients chose to work with us:

  • Registered and Regulated by the Homes & Communities Agency
  • Run by Professional and Ethical Landlords
  • Complete Service for all your property needs
  • Value for Money, Cost effective and Transparent