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Landlord Insurance


Six Months' Rent in Advance

JMHA is in the unique position of providing rent upfront and thereby removing the risk of non-payment by the tenant. No one else offers this product. The summary of our package includes:


Advance Rent

As the property owner, you will receive six months' rent in advance every six months, effectively removing the risk of non-payment by the tenant.


Landlords emergency callout cover

24hr protection, 365 days a year from Home3 Assistance.


Rent and legal guarantees

Should your tenant default on his rent, you will get a cover of up to £10,000 per claim subject to a maximum of £2,500 per month and an excess of one's month rent. In addition, we will pay up to £25,000 for advisors costs. There is also a 24-hour legal helpline providing an advisory service on any legal problem in connection with your let property.


What do we offer?


JMHA offers a unique package that prepays your rental income direct to your nominated account every six months. We have designed a comprehensive landlord package which protects and preserves your property and its rental income.


What does it cost?


There is no initial cash outlay. The cost of using this service is only 12.5% of your annual rental income. (This includes all VAT and other taxes.) The cost is netted off your first rent advance.

What is the process?


Once we've found a tenant for your property, we will credit check and reference them. If everything's okay, we will produce the AST for you. The tenant confirms the moving-in date, pays the deposit and the first month's rent. You will receive your first advance fourteen days after your tenants occupy the property. If you already have an existing tenant, it is not a problem. This makes the process even easier.

Who are we?


JMHA together with Advance Rent Limited, established in 2011, has designed this product. They have a team with a proven track record in bringing bespoke insurance and financial products to the residential landlord market. The founders, including the management, include experienced residential property financiers and private equity investors.


The benefits of using six months' rent in advance

Cash flow - Get six months' rent up front. This money could be used to pay a deposit on another property. Use the funds to reduce interest charges on your mortgage by paying 6 months up front. Gain peace of mind knowing that you will not have any arrears.


No voids if leased to JMHA – can be used in conjunction with our 1-5 year leases*


Comparison Chart

Financial Benefits:
JMHA Traditional Letting Agent
Rent per calendar month 850 1,000
Annual Rent 10,200 12,000
Void during 12 month period 0 1,000
Tenant finder fee & renewal fees 0 360
Annual Management & Commission @ 10% 0 1,200
Certificates & Maintenance 0 1,500
Net Monthly Income 850.00 749.00
Net Annual Income 10,200 8,990
Annual increased income with JMHA - 12%

*Subject to terms & conditions of your lease


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