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House Sales


JMHA can assist landlords and local authorities in disposing of their investment properties by securing a suitable buyer / investor. Our extensive knowledge and large database of investors could easily help you locate a suitable buyer for your property(s).


One of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to sell a property is to an existing tenant. This means that you don't have to give a tenant notice and risk the financial loss of an empty property, probably needing refurbishment, for what could be months, until a sale is agreed upon and completed.


One of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to sell a property is to an existing tenant. This means that you don't have to give a tenant notice and risk the financial loss of an empty property, probably needing refurbishment, for what could be months, until a sale is agreed upon and completed.


Typically, a property is offered on our Rent to Buy Plan over a ten-year period. During this time, the tenant is saving for a deposit by paying a monthly sum into a secure trust account.


Tenant-buyers have the same attitude as homeowners. They treat the property as their own, because one day it will be! So, you don't have to worry about the property being maintained in good condition.


This same care for property is also reflected in their attitude to paying rent in full and on time. Just as home-owners treat their mortgage payment as their top priority, tenant-buyers have the same view. They don't want to risk losing their home.


Overview of our Rent to Buy Plan.


Placing a property on our Rent to Buy Plan eliminates:

  • Voids. Tenant-buyers are saving to buy the property, so they don't move on like other tenants.
  • Maintenance costs. These become the responsibility of the tenant-buyer.
  • Rental losses - If a tenant-buyer doesn't pay the rent, the aspiring owner loses the option to buy the property.

    Exit Strategy.


    Rent to Buy is an ideal medium term (5 to 10 years) exit strategy. It is particularly useful for portfolio or "accidental" landlords who wish to reduce their portfolio, or sell a house over time and take advantage of their annual CGT exemption.


    Our Rent to Buy Plan is a very simple way of helping match homeowners hoping to sell with tenants who aspire to home ownership.


    Because lenders are reluctant to lend and demand ever-increasing deposits, there are millions trapped in 'Generation Rent'. As a result, there is a massive demand for our Rent to Buy houses.


    If you are an owner who wants to sell, but you don't want to risk a short-term tenant who may cause damage or miss rent payments, our Rent to Buy Plan is your perfect solution. Rent to Buy has been endorsed by the Housing Minister as a solution to meeting the current housing needs.


    Rent to Buy enables you to benefit from rental income now and achieve a sale at the full asking price which will be completed sometime in the future. You can 'let and forget'. The tenant will remain in your house until purchase, meanwhile taking care of repairs for you!


    Rent to Buy is perfect for anybody looking to sell without having to slash the price drastically. You'll be giving a first-time buyer a helping hand to get into home ownership.


    To find out how you can benefit from our revolutionary Rent to Buy Plan, contact us.


    We'll conduct a FREE rent and sales appraisal and let you know what you can expect to achieve. It is likely to be far more than you would get through a real estate agent. Tenant buyers are happy to pay full market value in return for the ease and affordability of our Rent to Buy solution.


    If you are happy to proceed, we'll prepare the financial details and market your home.


    Once a tenant buyer has selected your home, they'll contact us to arrange a viewing. All the Rent to Buy properties listed explain the payments required.


    We keep the monthly payments and initial deposit in a trust account. This is your protection should the tenant decide to move on, or default on payment.


Financial Details

  1. The tenant buyer pays an initial deposit to secure your Rent To Buy home and to move in.
  3. The tenant buyer pays you the normal monthly rent and deposit "top up". (The deposit is paid into an ARLA insurance-backed trust account for your protection).
  5. The monthly deposit "top up" builds to fund the tenant buyer's deposit upon purchase.
  7. The purchase price is FIXED for five years when the tenant buyer moves in. Each month, the growing deposit increases.
  9. At the end of five years, the price is adjusted, so that you and the buyer share the difference in any house price change in the local area. The tenant has up to ten years to buy the Rent to Buy property.

Sales and Marketing Process

  1. Tenant buyers will complete a simple application for the property. If they are successful, they pay the deposit to secure your home.
  3. We prepare legal contracts for you and the tenant buyer's solicitor. Once completed, contracts are exchanged and the tenant buyer moves in! He moves in now, but buys later – up to ten years from the contract date, if required.
  5. In addition to being given a legal option to purchase, the tenant buyer is provided with a tenancy agreement which will remain in place until the property is purchased.
  7. You are legally committed to the sale and cannot withdraw, change the price, or sell to anybody else. The tenant can walk away at any time. However, this is unlikely as ALL of their accrued deposit will automatically be paid to you.
  9. At any time within the agreed-upon period, the tenant buyer can purchase the Rent to Buy property with a mortgage using the deposit fund.

Key Benefits

  1. The house is sold at full market value. You are not required to 'price to sell' or lower the price. Thus, you can achieve its full sale value.
  3. If the tenant buys after year five, any future house price change is shared equally between you and the tenant buyer. For example, if the price increases by 50%, you'll get an extra 25% more than the initial agreed sale price.
  5. The tenant buyer becomes responsible for repairs. They will carry out home improvements and save you a fortune in annual maintenance costs. You remain responsible for buildings insurance and Gas Safety Inspections which we can arrange for you.
  7. You practically eliminate voids and the resulting loss of rent, because the tenant buyer will pay rent until the day he buys the property.
  9. You also dramatically reduce the risk of tenant arrears. Just like a homeowner with a mortgage, if a tenant misses payment of rent, he is at risk of losing the home.
  11. You avoid time wasters. A tenant buyer is paying a monthly premium on top of his rent to build a deposit. In the unlikely event that the tenant buyer do not buy, or he defaults on payment of the rent, this deposit, which may be several thousands of pounds, automatically gets paid to you, the owner.
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    High quality homes, good service, very reliable and good value for money. We have used JMHA in our pilot scheme to house homeless families. Their service is highly commendable!

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    A breath of fresh air, a housing association that thinks outside the box! We are currently working with JMHA in implementing our regeneration schemes with landlords whose properties has been left empty.

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    I have been approached by another Housing Association who has offered me to refurbish and lease my fire damaged property, then JMHA came along and has provided me with a more competitive refurbishing package and more comprehensive leasing scheme. They are definitely more value for your money.

Why choose JMHA?

JMHA leads the way in addressing all our clients' housing needs. Here are some of the reasons why our clients chose to work with us:

  • Registered and Regulated by the Homes & Communities Agency
  • Run by Professional and Ethical Landlords
  • Complete Service for all your property needs
  • Value for Money, Cost effective and Transparent