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Landlord Insurance


Day 1 Rent Insurance with NIL Excess

What We Offer


Our main objective is to find suitable tenants for your property desiring long term accommodation. We'll be responsible for sorting out the maintenance associated with the property during the rental period. We leave nothing to chance. Why risk losing thousands with a traditional let when our solution includes FULLY backed insurance protection for rent and legal cover?


Our Rental Plan works as follows:


Once we have received your enquiry form, one of our experienced property letting analysts will contact you. We will discuss your property, how long you want to rent it, and the guaranteed rent: 100% of the agreed rent!


When we've agreed to terms, we'll proceed to find a long-term tenant for your property to rent.


Once the tenants become established, they tend to start making the property their permanent home as they feel secure that they can stay on a long-term basis.


Unlike other 'Guaranteed Rent' schemes, you will get 100% of the agreed rent, less our standard management commission of only 10% of rent collected. If the tenant stops paying or leaves, you will still get paid! Our Rent Plan is one of the most lucrative Guaranteed Rent Letting plans in the UK.


For complete peace of mind, our Rent Plan is fully protected through DAS insurance. This includes £50,000 of legal protection cover. This protects property damage and all legal fees to evict tenants or squatters!


Given that you will eliminate the risk of non-payment and avoid paying thousands of pounds on legal fees to remove 'tenants from hell', you are likely to be far better off letting under JMHA compared to a traditional let.


The guaranteed rent you receive will provide a greater return on investment than you possibly imagined! Please see our comparison chart below for more details.

Comparison Chart

The Traditional Let vs Guaranteed Rent
Traditional LetOur Guaranteed Rent Lettings Scheme
Monthly Rent 1,000 1,000
Annual Rent 12,000 12,000
Loss to Eviction Cost 1,200 0
Tenant Find Fee 1,000 1,500
Annual Management Commission @ 10% 1,200 1,200
Loss to Rent Arrears 1,200 0
Inventory Fees 300 0
Tenancy Renewal 500 0
Your Net Inome 6,600 9,300
Annual Surplus of £2,700 | Increase in Profit - 41%

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