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Becoming a Landlord with JMHA


Benefits of JMHA taking over your property


JMHA leads the way in managing property including large property portfolios. Here are some of the benefits you will receive if you choose us as your managing agent.


Benefits for Landlords on a property management contract


We offer a first class lettings service to new and existing landlords.


We are firm believers in looking after the interests of our valued landlords and tenants at all time.


Our services are remarkably in-depth. We take an active role in dealing with every aspect of your property needs.


If you would like to discuss our services, or simply need advice, please feel free to contact us today where we would be more than happy to assist you with any question that you may have.


Why landlords appoint a managing agent to act on their behalf


There are many reasons why landlords may choose a managing agent to look after their property. Some landlords choose a managing agent so they do not have the everyday hassle of looking after and maintaining their property. This could be for several reasons inclusive of landlords work or family commitments.


Often, landlords who manage their property think that this is an easy task and is pretty straightforward and hassle free. But, this is not always the case. There is a high level of co-ordination involved in setting up and maintaining a successful letting which runs without difficulty or conflict. This is one of the many reasons why customers deploy property management services offered by a professional and reputable company. Remember, JMHA is regulated by the Homes and Communities Agency HCA), a government body with strict rules we have to adhere, thus giving peace of mind when dealing with us as opposed to other letting agents.


One of the most important reasons why a landlord may choose a managing agent is the fact that they have a third party professional involved. There are many pitfalls to letting a property which a novice landlord may not be aware of. Legal requirements must be fulfilled when dealing with a tenant who is under an assured short hold tenancy. Landlords choose a managing agent so good relationships are maintained between agent, landlord and tenant. This limits the risk that may be posed should a dispute occur. It will be the responsibility of the managing agent to resolve to an amicable conclusion for all concerned.


It is often easy when landlords manage their own property for a dispute to occur over such issues as property maintenance or managing a tenant's rental account. Where a dispute occurs between landlord and tenant, this can sometimes damage the direct relationship a landlord and tenant has. Then, as the tenancy progresses, this can sometimes lead to an awkward relationship being carried forward. Additional problems may occur.


Using a managing agent helps avoid this problem. JMHA is the third party that deals with all communications between landlords and tenants. We will act in the interests of all concerned and make recommendations based on the issue that has been raised. We will provide support and advice to both landlords and tenants and act in accordance with the law on sound business practice. This will help to maintain a healthy relationship between all concerned moving forward.


We have various options available to landlords to discuss your requirements and find the right package for you, please contact us.


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